Villawool + Near Earth

The Easy Day Merino Beanie has a classic sailor style and is designed to wear during your easy winter runs, or simply every day.

It is made from 100% Bluesign® Merino Wool, an incredible performance yarn that will keep you warm no matter the conditions, even when wet. It’s both quick drying and odor resistant. What it offers in function is only matched in comfort, making it the perfect crossover piece— an essential for your winter running and everyday wear. 

On particularly cold mornings, uncuff the fold to cover your ears. When it warms up, simply fold it up, or wear it further back on your head. For everyday life, style it as you please! We’re partial to the classic sailor’s cuff.

Near Earth + Villa Wool

The beanie is a collaborative product with iconic Scandinavian knitwear company Villawool. Family owned and run, all products are hand made on the beautiful Baltic island of Saaremaa. We’re beyond proud to collaborate with Villawool on this beanie, bringing their nearly-fifty years of knitwear experience to running.