The distance running socks

More concept than a crew, ROSES West is a spring of inspiration for Near Earth and the perfect fit for the first-ever collaboration on our tried and true Distance Running Sock. The DRS is made for your fast shoes with thin and highly engineered uppers. With carefully placed breathable zones and protection under the foot they hit the sweet spot of fit, breathability and cushioning.

Engineered in Germany. Manufactured by some of Europe’s best garment makers.

Lightweight technical fiber for minimal friction and cooling long distance performance.

Knitted with 100% renewable energy, waste recycling and micro-plastic filtration.

The DRS has true anatomical fit with a height scaled to size. It fits close around your arch and features a slight protection under the foot that wraps to the sides of your toes - only where you need it.

ROSES West, Los Angeles brainchild to Black Roses NYC Co-Founder Knox Robinson, is beautifully intangible. A crew in the theoretical sense - sometimes the physical - ROSES West exists to honor the foundation upon which all running crews practice. It’s about working as a collective towards shared aims, motivated by high ambitions yet fueled by passion and joy. It's about developing as runners and as people.